How Borax Leveraged Influencer Marketing to Engage a New Generation of Buyers

Twenty-Mule Team Borax has, for decades, enjoyed a premium position in the laundry rooms and cleaning cabinets of older adults across the country. But, thanks to the efforts of one YouTube’s most popular slime stars, this venerable, multi-purpose cleaner/detergent booster unexpectedly found its way into the living room “laboratories” of millions of Millennials.

This webinar will explore how Henkel N.A. and Collective Bias, an Inmar Company, collaborated to take advantage of this unusual usage occasion to generate even greater product awareness and engagement among this unexpectedly burgeoning audience. The program will examine how the two teams used influencer marketing -- including a variety of influencers, content-types and social media channels -- to educate Millennials about the approved uses for Twenty-Mule Team Borax and drive them towards consistent, conventional use of the product and regular, repeat purchase.

In addition to detailing the execution and results of the influencer campaign for Twenty-Mule Team Borax, this program will provide attendees:

  • An overview of the current state of influencer marketing
  • Insight into how social media users respond to various types of content
  • Perspective into the ongoing evolution of influencer marketing

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Ken Krasnow
Vice President of Omnichannel Marketing, Henkel N.A.

Ken is an expert in marketing, promotions, and shopper marketing and leads his company’s media, digital, shopper, promotions and merchandising teams. In this role, Ken focuses on building brand equity and driving business growth through multi-channel campaigns that leverage new technologies to solve consumer problems and enhance audience engagement throughout the path to purchase.

Brian Dorgan
Senior Director, Business Development, Inmar | Collective Bias

Brian has extensive experience in multi-media campaign development and execution, helping clients across a variety of categories, including OTC, Consumables, Grocery, and Beauty build their businesses. In his position at Inmar Collective Bias, Brian helps top brands understand how best to employ data captured from multiple sources such as POS, social listening, post-campaign analysis, market research, etc. to make strategic decisions informing their influencer marketing initiatives.

Shopper Insights Researcher, Shopper Analytics

Katie has been a member of the Inmar Shopper Analytics team since graduating with a Master of Business Management from Wake Forest University. Utilizing a strong background in market research and data analysis, Katie works with shopper data to provide insights that assist brand managers in strategically allocating marketing investments.